Joey Fatone is an actor, singer and television host.
Joey Fatone


Joey Fatone is a former member of the pop group 'N Sync with Lance Bass and others. Joey has hosted The Singing Bee and is the announcer for Family Feud and The Price is Right!
Joey RealLife

Dancing with the StarsEdit

  • Joey Fatone came in second place in season 4 with Kym Johnson.

Joey & Kym's highest scoring dance: Jive, Foxtrot, Freestyle & Tango (30)

Joey & Kym's lowest scoring dance: Cha-Cha-Cha, Quickstep & Tango (24)

Joey & Kym's average: 27.5

  • Joey Fatone wicame in 12th in the all-star season (Season 15) with Kym Johnson

Joey & Kym's highest scoring dance: Quickstep (22.5)

Joey & Kym's lowest scoring dance: Cha-Cha-Cha (20.5)

Joey & Kym's average: 21.5

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